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A Fruitful Summer To Say The Least

2014-08-28 | Blog | Bob Swidler

A Fruitful Summer To Say The Least

August 28, 2014  |   Blog   |    

Since our last update to you in June, we have launched a number of exciting search mandates.

Included in these are CFO of a large cap, publicly traded telecoms group, CFO of a publicly traded purveyor of luxury goods, EVP, Supply Chain of an important, publicly traded retailer, CEO of a well-known media group and Board members for the most distinguished public institution in its field.

We don’t only launch searches, but also close them. Announcements that have been made of our appointments bear this out, some of which can be found on our website.

Our international affiliation continues unabated, with new additions in important geographical regions being announced shortly. One that I can proudly mention is my longstanding former colleague Bill Henderson in Hong Kong. More about Bill in a future mailing.

As the streets fill up again with youngsters returning to school and heading off to university, we welcome the opportunity to launch new assignments for you and those you advise – to search thoroughly yet discreetly to fill the positions of greatest importance, whether created through a departure, retirement, expansion or the need for an upgrade.

In the meantime, we extend continuing best wishes to you and those you advise as this busiest time of year is upon us.

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The firm specializes in senior level, fixed fee executive and Board search in Montreal and Toronto, in both the private and parapublic sectors ranging from the largest publicly traded corporations to smaller private owner operated concerns. Substantial references can be provided tailored to specific requests.

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